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Line Break in a Cell
Instead of using Wrap Text and letting Excel decide where to break up text, you can manually add a Line Break within a cell by pressing ALT+ENTER. The Wrap Text formatting option must be turned ON.
Shrink to Fit
When a column is too narrow to display a number or date, you will see "#####" in the cell. Use the "Shrink to Fit" cell format option to avoid this problem, especially when you want to see or print the entire cell contents but cannot allow wrapped text or wider columns.
Show/Hide Gridlines
Most Vertex42 spreadsheet templates have the gridlines hidden. To show or hide gridlines, go to the View tab and toggle the Gridlines box.
Turn Off Green Triangles
Are you tired of seeing the little green triangles in Excel? They let you know your formula might have an error, but most of the time they are just annoying. You can turn off specific rules/warnings via File > Options > Formulas.
Change Theme Colors
Want a template to use a different color scheme? Most of the .XLSX files created by Vertex42 are theme-enabled, so go to Page Layout > Themes > Colors to change the color.
Line Break in a Formula
To enter a Line Break with a formula, use the CHAR(10) function like this: ="line1"&CHAR(10)&"line2"
Find More Templates
Vertex42 provides over 300 different templates for Excel! Browse Our Template Gallery to see them all.
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