From meal planners to budget spreadsheets, Vertex42 offers numerous free tools for home and family use. Browse the templates on this page, as well as our other related categories to find resources that can help you become more organized, get a handle on your finances, or just have a little fun. I haven't listed ALL of the templates that are great for home and family. So, in addition to browsing this page, check out the categories listed on the right. This page mainly lists the templates for home and family that are not necessarily included in the other categories.


You will also find a few Word Templates intermingled with the spreadsheets. Sometimes it just makes sense to use Word, though Excel is certainly the emphasis on

Home and Family

Grocery Price Book
Grocery Price Book Template
Track grocery prices so that you can know when to buy items on sale. Edit and use on the go via mobile Excel.
House Cleaning Schedule
House Cleaning Schedule Template
Print a 4-week cleaning schedule and download sample cleaning checklists.
Recipe Cards (for Word)
Recipe Card Template
Print your recipes on card stock using these templates.
Bill of Sale (for Word)
Bill of Sale Template
Selling or buying your car? Make sure you use a bill of sale.
Home Mortgage Calculator
Home Mortgage Calculator
Run the numbers to figure out what you can afford.
Meal Planner
Meal Planner Template
Keep healthy and on budget by planning your meals ahead of time.
Family Tree Chart
Family Tree Chart
How well do you know your ancestors? Can you complete your family tree?
Home Inventory
Home Inventory Spreadsheet
Create an inventory of your home assets for insurance purposes. It's good to be prepared.
Family Budget Planner
Family Budget Planner
Create a budget quickly and easily. Project your finances out a year in advance.
Money Manger for Kids
Money Manager for Kids
A printable worksheet to help teach kids how to budget and keep track of their money.
Reward Charts
Reward Charts for Kids
Download printable reward charts for your kids.
Kids Chore Schedule
Kids Chore Schedule
Print a weekly kids chore schedule to help you keep your house in order
Printable Chore Chart
Printable Chore Chart for Kids
Print a weekly chore chart for your kids
Baby Name Picker
Baby Name Picker
Use the pairwise ranking technique to choose a baby name.
Home Inspection Checklist
Home Inspection Checklist
A room-by-room inspection checklist for home buyers and sellers.
Emergency Contact Form
Emergency Contact Form
Create and print a summary of your family emergency plan. Print an emergency contact card to fit in your wallet or purse.
Ovulation Calendar
Ovulation Calendar
For women wanting to have children. Estimates future ovulation dates and fertility windows.
Printable Password List
Printable Password List
Keep track of your online usernames and passwords with a printable password list. Remember to store your list in a secure location.
Password Log
Password Log
Maintain a sortable list of online usernames and passwords using Excel. Remember to store your data securely. Not recommended for websites that store financial or other sensitive data.
Vehicle Maintenance Log
Vehicle Maintenance Log
Keep track of your vehicle's maintenance and repairs.
Pros and Cons List
Pros and Cons List
Create a pros and cons list when you need help making an important decision.

Travel and Vacation

Gas Mileage Log
Mileage Log Template
Print out a log that you can keep in your car to track your gas mileage.
Travel Budget Worksheet
Travel Budget Worksheet
Plan a vacation without breaking the bank using this travel budget template.
Travel Itinerary Template
Travel Itinerary Template
Create a concise and printable summary of your travel plans using this itinerary template.
Vacation Packing List
Packing List Template
Be prepared for your vacation using this checklist.
Event Budget
Event Budget
Create a budget for a camp, reunion, seminar, party, or other event.

Wedding Planning

Wedding Budget
Wedding Budget Template
If you are planning a wedding, a budget is vital.
Wedding Checklist
Wedding Checklist
Make sure you don't forget anything.
A new look for our original wedding checklist template.
Wedding Guest List
Wedding Guest List
Track invites, and help plan for your reception and dinner.
Make a list of people to invite to your wedding dinner and reception. Track RSVPs and estimate costs.

College Planning

College Budget Template
College Budget Template
Create and manage your budget while at college.
College Savings Calculator
College Savings
Estimate how much it's going to cost you.
Class Schedule
Class Schedule Tempate
Plan your classes and work using this weekly schedule.

Sports and Fun

Basketball Roster
Basketball Roster Template
Coaching or managing a youth basketball team? Create your roster and print stats sheets using this template.
Tournament Brackets
Tournament Bracket Template
Create brackets for tournaments you are organizing, or use a bracket to track your March Madness picks.
Games for Excel
Mine Blaster 2000
For those times when you are really bored.
Soccer Team Roster Template
Soccer Roster Template
For team managers and coaches. Create a nice 1-page team roster as well as visual lineup sheets.
Baseball Roster, Lineup, & Scorecard
Baseball Scorecard
Create a baseball roster and auto-rotating lineup, track stats, and print a scorecard.
Team Snack Schedule Template
Team Snack Schedule Template
A snack schedule designed for youth sports where parents typically bring half-time and post-game snacks.

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