With the ever increasing importance of keeping your identity and information safe online, it is very important that you use different passwords for the sites and accounts you have online. By doing this, you will quickly find it is necessary to keep track of your passwords somewhere because it is impossible to remember them all. One option is to purchase a password manager to install on your computer, another is to download an app for your smart phone. These types of programs typically have a master password that you enter, and then you are able to access all the login information you have saved.


If you believe writing things down on paper is a more secure option, this printable password list template offers a simple solution for keeping track of all your login information. It is highly recommended if you go this route to keep the document in a secure place (preferably locked) in your home or office.

Password List Template

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Printable Password List


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"No installation, no macros - just a simple spreadsheet" - by Vertex42.com



This spreadsheet contains a password list worksheet designed for printing and completing by hand. Included in that spreadsheet are a few important tips about keeping your passwords secure and safe.

Make sure you keep your password list in a safe place in your home or office. If your list contains highly important information (tax, banking and financial sites) it is recommended that you keep the list in a locked desk drawer or safe.

CAUTION: Make sure you use appropriate security practices for the type of information you are storing.

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Disclaimer: The security of your data is your own responsibility. Vertex42 LLC is not responsible for how you decide to use the password list.

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