Need help customizing one of Vertex42's templates? Is there some redundant task you would like to automate in Excel, such as data entry, data manipulation, formatting, complex calculations or reports? Is there some custom VBA macro that you want written or need help with? I don't have the time myself, but I can certainly give you a great recommendation.

Let one of our recommended Excel Consultants help you!

Vertex42 Approved Spreadsheet ConsultantThere are many great Excel consultants out there. In fact, you can find a long list in Vertex42's directory. Many are world-renowned Excel experts.

Vertex42 Approved consultants are unique. They have a formal or informal partnership with Vertex42 and have:

  1. Worked directly with Vertex42 and performed exceptional enough work that we can give our full recommendation.
  2. Agreed to uphold strict ethical standards related to copyright and conflict of interest, and understand the allowances and limitations of the Vertex42 terms of use. I'm putting a lot of trust in these consultants by allowing them to work with you on the customization of Vertex42 templates.

While Vertex42 Approved consultants may pay an optional finder's fee or commission to, it is not a requirement for approval. Paying a fee will not get someone to be Vertex42 Approved. My recommendations are based entirely on performance, quality, confidence, and trust.

What Vertex42 Approved consultants will not do:

They will not violate the terms of use of Vertex42 templates, so please do not ask them to remove copyright information or other Vertex42 attribution.

They will not convert a Vertex42 template into a product that you can sell or share with clients.

They will not knowingly do a student's homework for them.

Customize Excel Spreadsheets and Automate with VBA

Custom projects are great for:

  • Importing and processing data from legacy systems
  • Creating custom templates that meet your business specific needs and processes
  • Developing forms and menus for easy data entry and navigation
  • Creating custom functions/formulas that can be used in any cell
  • Integrating with existing databases via SQL for reading or saving data directly from Excel
  • Automating bulk processes including mail merges, creating bulk PDFs, loading or saving files

Whatever your project is, we are confident our Vertex42 Approved Excel Consultants can help you with it. For more information and quotes on projects, please contact one of our consultants listed below.

Vertex42 Approved Consultants

Vertex42 Approved Spreadsheet Consultant ExcelRescue

ExcelRescue has developed a system that allows them to take on both small and large spreadsheet consulting projects, including helping customize templates.

They have a simple online form for submitting tasks and an excellent pricing structure for small tasks. Many consultants don't even take on projects that are less than a few hours, so ExcelRescue can be a great resource to help you when you're struggling to make Excel do what you want.

Learn more about ExcelRescue >

Vertex42 Approved Spreadsheet Consultant

Someka provides customization services in Excel and Google Sheets in addition to their wide-range of ready-to-use premium templates.

They can cover many business areas such as project management, human resources, finance & accounting, inventory management, sales & marketing, data analysis, and more.

They have different pricing plans according to the scope of your project. From basic modifications to advanced projects from scratch, Someka developers will help you with unique business solutions tailored-made to your needs.

Learn more about Someka Custom Services >

Vertex42 Approved Spreadsheet Consultant Witting InnovationBrent Weight of Witting Innovation.

Witting Innovation has over 10 years of experience in Excel and Access customization and automation – saving their clients thousands of hours by streamlining business processes and automating tasks.

Having experience at both Fortune 500 companies as well as small startups, Witting Innovation has seen it all. From automating mundane tasks to highly custom excel based software. Their engineering and business backgrounds help them to see the entire problem and to deliver a well-designed and fully functional product. Of course their zeal and passion for all things Excel helps too. has used Witting Innovation to help with a few of our own projects, such as the Invoice Assistant. Brent is also a co-author of the Spreadsheet Tips Workbook. To have Brent and his team help you with your project, contact him at the following email address, or visit his website.

Brent Contact


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