Vertex42 is not an expert in legal matters. However, there are some issues that have come up so frequently that we have needed templates or forms for our own use, and we have made some of these available. For other types of legal forms, you might consider a website such as or


Rental Property

Residential Lease Agreement TemplateResidential Lease Agreement ▶

For landlords or potential landlords, this template lets you customize an agreement for a rental property you own. Make sure to have the final version reviewed by an attorney.

Rental Application FormRental Application Form ▶

For landlords - Create and print a rental application form to help you screen potential tenants.

Intellectual Property

Non-Disclosure Agreement TemplateNon-Disclosure Agreement ▶

Used when an individual or business has information they need to share but want to require that the other party not disclose the information to anyone else. Have an attorney review your document before using it.

Mutual Non-Disclosure AgreementMutual Non-Disclosure Agreement ▶

Download a sample mutual (two-way) non-disclosure agreement, used when both parties have information that they wish to protect.


Vehicle Bill of SaleVehicle Bill of Sale ▶

Selling or buying a used car? Make sure you use a bill of sale.

Pro Forma Invoice TemplatePro Forma Invoice Template ▶

Used similar to the way a sales quote would be used, but designed especially for international and domestic shipping.

Quotation TemplateQuotation Template ▶

Customize a simple quotation template for your business.

Common Tax Forms

The following are some very common forms needed by almost all US businesses (links to

  • W9 Form - Used by employees or businesses when a business requests a federal tax ID. For freelancers and contractors, this form would be requested by the business that will need to send a 1099-MISC for the work they do.
  • 1099-MISC Form - Used for reporting miscellaneous information to the IRS (see this link for details and rules).
  • W2 Form- Given by a business to each employee (see this link for the form and rules).