Spreadsheets in Education

Vertex42 offers numerous tools and resources designed specifically for teachers and students. In 2017, we also began offering our annual scholarship and created a series of video tutorials specifically to help students learn basic spreadsheets skills. These videos feature how to create various types of charts, because the first exposure many students have to spreadsheets is in their science classes when needing to create charts and graphs for science fair projects. Kids can also learn to use spreadsheets by learning at an early age to track and budget their personal money.

Featured Spreadsheet Templates

Money Tracker
Money Tracker
Track your cash, checking, credit, and savings in Excel on your mobile phone.
Homework Planner
Homework Planner Template
List your assignments. Plan your week. Get your work done.
Printable Periodic Table
Periodic Table
Color or Black/White. Printable on 8 1/2 x 11 Paper. Includes many common properties
More Templates for Teachers and Students!