Our goal is to help people manage their time, their finances, their education and their careers, by providing simple tools in the form of high quality spreadsheet templates, calculators, calendars, documents, and articles that are designed to educate and increase productivity.

We offer a collection of over 400 unique spreadsheet templates, all designed and created in house over more than a decade. With over 170 million visitors and 70 million template downloads, Vertex42 is a trusted source for original high-quality Excel templates. We have also created templates for Google Sheets, OpenOffice, and Microsoft Word.

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Jon Wittwer - Founder, Excel Guy

Jon Wittwer, PhD - President of Vertex42 LLC
Jon Wittwer, Ph.D.

Vertex42 was founded on April 29, 2003 by Jon Wittwer while he was working on a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. In addition to his expertise with Excel, Dr. Wittwer is respected in multiple fields for his development of financial tools such as the Debt Reduction Calculator (first published in 2007), project management tools like the Gantt Chart Template (first published in 2006), statistical tools (see Monte Carlo Simulation, 2004), and a large collection of business productivity and time management tools.

Jim Wittwer - Graphic Design

Jim Wittwer, Graphic Designer
Jim Wittwer

Jim has worked with Vertex42 as a freelance graphic designer off and on since the founding. Since 2010 he has worked nearly full time with his brother Jon on web design and template design as well as other separate projects such as boardgaming.com.

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Vertex42 - Origins

Vertex42 was originally an experiment and outlet for Jon to apply his love of both Excel and web design. His initial experience with Excel came from developing various engineering models and using VBA to automate them. As time went on, he created more and more spreadsheets for whatever need came his way, including calendars, budgeting, project planning, time tracking, loan calculations, etc. Jon left his engineering job in 2008 to work on Vertex42 full time. His brother, Jim, joined him on this quest by providing his expertise in graphic design.

The slogan "The Guide to Excel in Everything" refers to our goal of helping people achieve excellence as well as the fact that spreadsheets can be used for a lot more than just lists and numbers. Fans of Douglas Adams' book, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, will recognize that the number "42" has a special meaning.


Vertex42 LLC is registered as a Limited Liability Company in the State of Utah, USA.