Before contacting us, see our Support Page for answers to common questions about our templates. The most common question we get related to product purchases is How do I return to the download page?

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Jon Wittwer, PhD - President of Vertex42 LLC
Jon Wittwer, Ph.D.
(Owner & Developer)

Contact Dr. Wittwer via email using the address shown below. We use Gmail to read and respond to emails. See our privacy policy.


You will need to type the address into your email program manually, and of course replace the smiley with the @ sign. If you are asking a question or reporting a problem, please be sure to include the following information in your email:

  • The URL of the page that you are referring to, such as
  • The exact name of the template file you are referring to, such as gantt-chart.xlsx
  • The version of Excel you are using (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365, etc.) and operating system (Mac or PC)

Note: For answers to general Excel questions not associated with, please visit the forums at or Microsoft Answers.

How Quickly Will I Get a Reply?

We will respond to legitimate non-spam email usually within one business day, if not sooner. (Note: We are in the US Mountain Time Zone.)

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Although it may be possible to contact Vertex42 via social media, it may be a few weeks before we notice a message has been posted, so email is your best option.

Excel Consulting Requests

Vertex42 Approved Spreadsheet Consultant If you need help customizing a template or have a more substantial Excel project that you need help with, you are welcome to contact one of our Vertex42 Approved Consultants.

Mailing Address and Phone

Vertex42 LLC
5926 W Killington Ct
Herriman UT 84096

Phone: We do not provide support via the phone. We've tried that before, but found that email works best.


Vertex42 LLC is registered as a Limited Liability Company in the State of Utah, USA.