Our new permission slip template for field trips allows teachers to customize a letter and permission form to send home with students. It informs parents about the activity and has a cut-away section at the bottom with the emergency contact information and signature that the student will need to return to the teacher.


Field Trip Permission Slip

for Word
Permission Slip Template
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For: Word 2007 or later & Office 365


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This field trip permission slip includes an area at the top for you to explain more about the activity to parents and guardians. The two tables in the middle can be used to quickly provide the most important details about the activity like the location, date, time and what to bring.

What makes this template especially useful is the lower portion that can be cut off so that the student can bring back the signature and contact information of the parent or guardian. The parent can keep the upper portion as a reminder about the details of the activity.

We suggest finding a fun image to include as well. The text box in the template explains how to replace the existing image.

Other Permission Slip Resources

  • The who, when and why of Scout permission slips at scoutingmagazine.org - This is a short but great article talking about using a permission slip (specifically the Boy Scouts of America) for each activity or an annual permission slip.
  • School Activities and Permission Slips at lawyers.com - A great article speaking to parents and guardians about the legalities of permission slips, which can help you when creating your own permission slip.