I'm not sure how many times I created class schedules as I was going through college, but it was a lot. I used them to plan which courses I was going to take and to figure out my work schedule. A class schedule is not hard to make, but it's extremely helpful. Time is not a good thing to waste. So, if you are needing a little help with time management, you can get a head start by downloading this simple weekly class schedule template. If you'd rather have something you can fill out by hand, you can use one of the free printable weekly class schedules listed below, which are just PDF files.


If you are looking for a generic weekly schedule rather than specifically a "class" schedule, try our weekly schedule template. And while you are at it, check out the new Perpetual Calendar, a useful spreadsheet for creating your own personal school-year calendar.

Printable Weekly Class Schedules

If all you need is to quickly print a weekly class schedule, you can download one of the PDF files shown below. Both of these schedules were created using the class schedule spreadsheet.

Printable Class Schedule
Printable Class Schedule with
15-Minute Intervals (PDF)

Download for Word 2007+ (.docx)

Weekly Class Schedule
Printable Weekly Class Schedule with
30-Minute Intervals (PDF)

Download for Word 2007+ (.docx)

Class Schedule Template

for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets
Class Schedule Template
For: Excel 2007 or later & Excel for iPad/iPhone

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"No installation, no macros - just a simple spreadsheet" - by



Download a very simple class schedule template for Excel. Nothing fancy about this template except maybe the formatting. But, it may save you some time and help you get your week organized. Perfect for college students and professors!

This spreadsheet contains two worksheets. One includes the main hours of the day divided into 30-minute intervals (allowing you to show more hours of the day), and the other has the hours divided into 15-minute intervals (allowing you to be more detailed).

Printing the Class Schedule Template

The worksheets have already been set up to print to a normal letter-sized sheet of paper. However, if you format it differently, you can use Excel to print to pretty much any size paper, including various size planners. If your printer doesn't handle fancy-sized paper, or you don't have any special planner paper, there's always scissors and tape. :-)

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