We are too caught up in wanting stuff now, rather than saving up and buying stuff when we can afford it. These habits naturally lead to way too much debt, but with enough discipline and help, we believe anyone can get out of debt.

Our free debt reduction calculator, featured below, was designed to help individuals and the professionals that advise them to quickly and easily come up with a plan for eliminating debt. It may not be as easy to stick with the plan, but at least we can help you get started.


Featured Debt Payoff Calculators


Debt Reduction CalculatorDebt Reduction Calculator ▶

How fast can I get out of debt using the snowball technique? This is possibly the most valuable spreadsheet on this entire website!


Credit Repair SpreadsheetCredit Repair Spreadsheet ▶

Pay down your debt to improve your FICO® credit score. This is an expanded, more advanced version of the Debt Reduction Calculator.


Credit Card Payoff CalculatorCredit Card Payoff Calculator ▶

Calculate the payment required to pay off a single credit card in X number of years.


Credit Card Minimum Payment CalculatorCredit Card Minimum Payment Calculator ▶

Find out how much it really costs to make minimum payments.


Balance Transfer CalculatorCredit Card Balance Transfer Calculator ▶

Estimate how much you can save when using a credit card balance transfer to get a lower rate.


Savings Snowball CalculatorSavings Snowball Calculator ▶

Use this spreadsheet to estimate how long it will take you to reach your short-term and mid-term savings and debt payoff goals. The focus is on savings, but it is based on the debt reduction calculator, so it lets you include debt payoff in addition to your savings goals.


Mortgage Payoff CalculatorMortgage Payoff Calculator with Line of Credit ▶

Use this calculator to evaluate the mortgage payoff acceleration strategy of using a line of credit to make extra payments with optional paycheck parking.


Debt Free Journey ChartDebt Free Charts and Trackers ▶

Track your debt free journey using a column chart that gradually reveals a debt free image as you pay off your debt. Or download printable debt payoff trackers for your 3-ring binder.