Use our Free Paycheck Calculator spreadsheet to estimate the effect of deductions, withholdings, federal tax, and allowances on your net take-home pay. Unlike most online paycheck calculators, using our spreadsheet will allow you to save your results, see how the calculations are done, and even customize it.

Update 1/3/2019: I have updated the tax tables for 2019 based on IRS Notice 1036.


Paycheck Calculator for Excel

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Paycheck Calculator

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Estimate your Net Take Home Pay using this Paycheck Calculator for Excel. Answer questions such as:

  • How do the number of allowances affect the federal tax withholdings?
  • How much will my take-home pay change if I contribute more to my 401(k)?

Update 4/20/2018: Updated the .xlsx version to subtract Health Insurance Premiums when calculating the net take-home pay.

Using the Paycheck Calculator

- Enter your Gross Pay for monthly, semi-monthly, biweekly, or weekly pay periods.

- Federal taxes are calculated using tables from IRS Publication 15 for tax year 2019.

- FICA Social Security Tax and Medicare are calculated based on the percentage of your Gross Pay.

- State and Local taxes are estimated by multiplying the federal taxable gross by a percentage that you input.

- Read the cell comments if you need more information about an input or calculation.

Paycheck Calculation References

Disclaimer: This calculator is for illustrative and educational purposes only. We do not guarantee the results or the applicability to your unique situation. You should seek advice from qualified professionals.

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