Finding a free fax cover sheet template for Word is fairly easy, but Vertex42 provides one of the only fax templates designed for Excel and Google Sheets. The spreadsheet lets you completely customize a printable fax cover sheet for your company. If you don't use Excel, OpenOffice or Google Sheets, you can download one of the editable PDF files. Offices typically create a custom blank fax cover sheet and then print multiple copies to place by the fax machine. Because of this, we've designed our fax cover sheets with plenty of room for writing quick messages.


Printable Blank Fax Cover Sheet

The two PDF files below are similar except that the second one includes a place to write the company name. Note that in both it is clear that the # of pages includes the cover sheet as page 1. You can also download versions for Microsoft Word.

Basic Printable Cover Sheet
New: Editable Fields

Basic Fax Cover Sheet

Basic Fax Cover Sheet (.pdf)

Download for Word 2007+ (.docx)

Blank Cover Sheet
with Company Name
New: Editable Fields

Blank Fax Cover Sheet

Company Fax Cover Sheet (.pdf)

Download for Word 2007+ (.docx)

categories: Business

Fax Cover Sheet Template

for Excel and OpenOffice
Fax Cover Sheet
For: Excel 2007 or later & Excel for iPad/iPhone

Other Versions

Template Details

License: Private Use
(not for distribution or resale)

"No installation, no macros - just a simple spreadsheet" - by


This free Fax Cover Sheet template for Excel provides a professional and concise format that you can use to create your own personal or company cover sheet.

Many offices choose to place multiple copies of a blank cover sheet right by the fax machine, so we've designed this template to have plenty of space to fill in the information by hand.

More Free Fax Cover Sheets

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