This printable home inspection checklist can help you identify problem areas before bringing in an official home inspector. Sellers can use it before listing their home for sale. Buyers can have it in hand while doing a walk-through prior to buying a new home.


Home Inspection Checklist

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This inspection checklist provides a way to make notes about the condition of important features in your home, room-by-room. Before doing a walk-through, see some of the resources listed below to learn about what types of things to look for as you are doing your inspection.

Important: This checklist is for personal use only. It should not be used in place of an official home inspection. This list may not be comprehensive. Contact a qualified ASHI certified home inspector for an official inspection.

Home Inspection Resources

  • Home Buyer's Guide - Inspection at - This article provides a brief list of questions to consider before making an offer. The rest of the buyer's guide is useful as well.
  • American Society of Home Inspectors at - This official site contains important information about certified home inspections.
  • (PDF) - This site has a nice PDF version of an inspection checklist that provides additional details about what to look for instead of just good/ok/bad.

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