Do you use a packing list or checklist when you go on vacation or a business trip? Or, are you like me and just go through everything in your head? After a while, you learn that your memory isn't good enough, so you start making packing lists, however incomplete they may be. The especially smart people (like my wife) have learned to save a copy of their packing list to make life a little easier the next time. Now you can benefit from that wisdom. The vacation packing list, travel packing list, and college packing list below were created by group effort from the experience of a number of different people and families. I hope you will find these useful.


Printable Packing Lists / Checklists

If you just want to print a packing list and run, you can download one of the following packing lists in PDF format. If you would like to customize your checklist, use the packing list template below.

Business Travel Packing List

Printable Business Travel Packing List

Download the PDF

Packing List Template

for Excel
Vacation Packing List Template
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⤓ Google Sheets

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3-in-1 Packing List Template

This spreadsheet was used to create all 3 of the packing lists shown above. The Vacation Packing List, Business Travel Packing List, and College Packing List are each on separate worksheet tabs.

Using the template will allow you to customize your own packing list and save it for later use.

Disclaimer: These packing lists are meant only as a guide. There is no guarantee that all the items you need are on these lists.