If you are a financial planner or advisor, you'll want to give a client some kind of summary after you analyze their finances. There are software packages that can create a summary, but if you want something simple that you can customize as needed to suit your branding or particular emphasis, you can create a template.

Our Financial Plan Summary template is meant to provide a sample of what you could do, and is free to download and try out. If you decide you want to use our template in your business, you can purchase our Financial Planner's Template pack to obtain a commercial-use license.


Financial Plan Summary

for Excel
Sample Financial Plan Summary
For: Excel 2010 or later & Excel for iPad/iPhone

Template Details

License: Personal Use
(not for distribution or resale)

Want to use this in your business? Purchase the Financial Planner's Template Pack to obtain the commercial-use license.

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Commercial Version for Financial Planners

If you would like to use this Financial Plan Summary in your business to assist your clients, you may obtain the commercial-use version by purchasing the Financial Planner's Template Pack.


This template was designed for a financial planner to use to summarize a client's plan. The content contained in this template is only a fictitious sample plan used to show how the template can be used. A few simple formulas are used in the net worth and cash flow sections, but they should be be easy for you to edit if needed.

You might prefer to use Microsoft Word for something like this, but I created this template for Excel so that it could include formulas and be included as a summary worksheet in another workbook (the personal financial statement for example).

Excel Tricks Used in This Template

This template uses a couple different Excel tricks that you may not have seen before. You don't necessarily need to understand these tricks to use the template, because you can just copy and paste.

Bulleted Lists: Unlike Word, there is no formatting button to create a bulleted list in Excel. However, you can create a bulleted list by using a custom text format (see this article).

Custom Icon Sets: The blank/green/red/yellow circles in the financial analysis sections were created using custom conditional formatting rules. To make it easy to edit, I added data validation drop-down lists so you can select 1, 0, -1 or -2 to choose the green, blank, yellow or red circles, respectively.

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