A student resume is often very different than resumes for professionals or experienced workers because students and recent graduates usually have little to no work experience in the field they are applying for. For that reason, a student resume may focus more heavily on education, qualifications, and skills.


Employers will generally expect you to include your GPA. You may also want to include relevant coursework (see below). Work experience is always important to include, especially internships, but when the jobs are not related to the job you are applying for, you might consider listing skills in the qualifications section and provide a summarized work history like in a functional resume. See below for more information and sample student resumes.

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Student Resume Template

Sample Student Resume Template

The two student resume templates below were created using our free resume template for Word.

Note: The student resume templates above are meant mainly as an example of the general formatting style, not as a suggestion for the content that you should include.
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Headings Common in Student Resumes

Student resumes sometimes have section headings not present in resumes for people with significant work experience. In addition to the Objective, Education, Experience, Activities, and Skills headings, you might include...

Coursework: An entry-level resume for someone still in school or recently graduated might include a list of specific courses that apply to the job the student is seeking. Do not list every course you have taken - just those that help identify your qualifications or courses that may make you uniquely qualified for the position. Note that in the template above, applicable coursework is included in the Education section, but it just as well could have been included in a separate Coursework section.

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