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Business LettersCongratulations on the job offer! You can officially accept a job offer in a professional way by writing an acceptance letter. This type of letter verifies to the employer that you have accepted the job and the terms of the offer. Continue reading below to see our example acceptance letter and to download the free template.


Job Offer Acceptance Letter Template

Job Offer Acceptance Letter


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Tips for Writing an Acceptance Letter

  • When accepting a job offer, let the company know you are grateful they took time out of their busy schedule to offer you a job.
  • Be prompt in your response.
  • Restate the agreed upon salaries and benefits.
  • If you have negotiated changes to the offer, make sure you get them in an amended or updated offer letter before accepting.
  • Make sure to get any paperwork you may need from them.
  • Thank them for considering you for a position.

Use AI To Help Write a Job Acceptance Letter

AI Letter-writing Robot

There are multiple generative AI tools that can help you come up with a draft for a letter. For example, using the Bing AI Chat or ChatGPT, you could use some of these prompts:

  • Create a formal job acceptance letter date 1/10/2024. Thank them for the offer, job title is Sales Manager, company name Desert Water.
  • Create an informal job acceptance letter for a job as a paper boy.

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Sample Acceptance Letters

Sample Job Offer Acceptance Letter

Bob Jostle
2 Heaven Cir
Numbers, New York, 13549
(456) 987-3546

Date: 10/17/2014

Dave Thimble
The Number Store
Hiring Coordinator, Human Resources
1 Fiji Way
Numbers, New York, 13549

Dear Dave:

I was thrilled to receive your letter today 10/21/2014 offering me the job of Assistant at Cashiering. I accept this job offer and am excited to join the Number Store team.

My understanding of the offer is as follow. My agreed upon salary is $15.00 an hour at 40 hours a week and I will get paid on the 10th and 20th of every month. Being on time for my shift makes me eligible for a $1.000 per hour bonus. My benefits will start after I have worked for the company for 60 days and include: medical, dental, vision, paid vacation and time off, sick leave, and 401(k).

Thank you for extending, to me, this wonderful opportunity which will allow me to work for The Number Store. Please let me know if there is any other paperwork that I need to fill out before my first day of work.



Bob Jostle

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