Business LettersHave you just found the perfect job applicant for a job you are trying to fill and wondering what to do next? Send them a letter, but not just a note saying "Hey welcome to the company." A job offer letter is a formal letter that an employer will send to someone they have chosen for a job position. It lets the potential new employee know they are hired and provides the details of the job and what the next steps are for the new hire. Continue reading below to learn more about writing a job offer letter and download our free Job Offer Letter Template.


Job Offer Letter Template

Job Offer Letter
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Use our template to help you in create your own offer of employment. Be sure to read the tips below, because a job offer letter can be a legally binding document and you want to make sure you do it right.


Tips for Writing a Job Offer Letter

  • A Job Offer Letter is a critical document and may be legally binding. If an employer states anything in the job offer and then later does not follow through with what he/she said, then the employee can bring up the letter as a breach of contract.
  • Include vital information such as: pay information (bonuses, raises, how often they get paid), holidays, breaks, and benefits. Even if this was all discussed in the interview, put it in the job offer anyway just in case the new hire forgets something from the interview.
  • List what still has to be done before the new hire starts and by what day it will need to be completed. This may include paperwork, security checks and drug screening.
  • Hire an attorney to review the letter to ensure that everything is crystal clear and that there are no hidden traps written in the letter which may be legally binding.
  • Send any other paperwork that needs to be completed before hire with the job offer letter, allowing the new hire a chance to get a head start in their new job.
  • Write the letter yourself so that you are familiar with its contents (remembering of course to have it reviewed).

Use AI To Help Write a Job Offer Letter

AI Letter-writing Robot

There are multiple generative AI tools that can help you come up with a draft for a letter. For example, using the Bing AI Chat or ChatGPT, you could use some of these prompts:

  • Create a job offer letter for a new hire on the night shift as a janitor. Start date is in 2 weeks and pay is $50 an hour plus benefits.
  • Generate a conditional job offer letter for the position of [Job Title], subject to successful completion of [condition].
  • Compose an offer letter for an internship position as a [Internship Job Title] at [Company Name] with a start date of [Date].

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Sample Job Offer Letters

Sample Offer Letter

This sample letter is from a hiring coordinator to a new employee who has been hired as a new assistant cashier manager. It provides details about the salary, bonuses and benefits and explains what the new hire needs to do to accept the position and what they need to do to be ready for their first day on the job.

The Number Store
1 Fiji Way
Numbers, New York, 13549
(876) 654-9312

Date: 10/15/2014

Bob Jostle
2 Heaven Cir
Numbers, New York, 13549

Dear Bob:

The Number Store is happy to extend to you the job as Assistant Cashier Manager. We cannot wait to see your skills put to work for our company.

By accepting this job offer you are eligible to receive the following beginning on your first day of work:

  • Salary: $31,000+ or $15.00 an hour for 40 hours a week.
  • Bonuses: $1.00 an hour on time bonus ($16 an hour). Sick pay and vacation pay is one half of your hourly wage. End of the year bonus: depends on how long you have been with the company, whether or not you were on time every day, whether or not you finished each 8 hour shift, and how much sick pay and vacation pay you have used up by the end of the year.
  • Stock: The option to own stock will be available to you after 90 days with the company and your stock options will depend on your performance.

By accepting this job offer you are eligible to receive the following beginning in 60 days after your first day of work:

  • Benefits: We offer a 401K plan, Medical, Dental, and Vision.

By accepting this job offer you are eligible to receive the following beginning 1 year after your first day of work:

  • Benefits: Vacation Pay, Sick Pay, and Paid Time Off.

Please send in an acceptance or rejection letter no later than 5 days after the date printed at the top.

If you choose to accept this offer your first day of work will be 11/2/2014.

Please read all of the documents enclosed and have everything signed and ready to go on your first day of work.

Your immediate supervisor will be Stacey Harmons, Cashier Manager. Feel free to call our main office number and ask for Stacey or myself if you have questions.

We hope that you will accept our job offer and that you will feel welcomed at our store.



Dave Thimble
Hiring Coordinator, Human Resources
The Number Store

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