This time log was designed for employees and freelancers who are paid hourly and need a way to keep track of their work hours. Unlike many other time sheets, this template lets you enter the date and start/end times along with descriptions of the work.


Time Log Template

for Excel and Google Sheets
Time Log Template


⤓ Excel
For: Excel 2010 or later
⤓ Google Sheets

License: Private Use (not for distribution or resale)

"No installation, no macros - just a simple spreadsheet"


Designed for hourly-labor employees, sub-contractors and freelancers, this template provides a very simple way to track hours worked. You can also use the time log as an invoice. In addition to entering start and end times, you can enter break times, or you can just enter the total time worked in minutes instead of entering the actual times.


How to Use the Time Log Template

Step 1: Edit the Employee / Employer Information

In addition to editing the Name and Address information, change the labels above the names to represent your particular type of business.

If you are using the time log as an invoice, you can unhide row 2 to include an Invoice # and change the label for the Customer/Employer information to "Bill To."

Step 2a: Enter Time In and Time Out

The times need to be entered using the format "3:45 PM". If you do not include the AM or PM, Excel assumes you mean AM, unless you enter 24-hour time such as 15:34. The space before the AM or PM is required.

The "Breaks (minutes)" column is for entering minutes BETWEEN the Start and End times that should be subtracted from the total hours (such as lunch breaks).

TIP: To enter the current time using a keyboard shortcut, press Ctrl+Colon (Ctrl+Shift+;).

Step 2b: Enter Time in Minutes

Instead of entering the Start Time and End Time, you can use the Minutes Worked column. Even though it's possible to use both methods simultaneously, that would be confusing. Most likely, the person looking at the time log will think the Minutes Worked column is a calculation based on the Start and End times.

Step 3: Submit to Employer / Customer for Payment

When you are done with the project, or come to the end of the pay period, you can submit the time log to your employer or customer. You can print the time log, or save it as a pdf and email the pdf.

If you don't want to use the time log as an invoice, just delete the "INVOICE" title in the top right of the document.