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Tutorials are a great way to learn Excel. There are many sites now that offer video-based training courses, but you can also find a lot of free tutorials via Below are some sites to check out.

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Mike Girvin's "ExcelIsFun" channel is one of the most popular Excel training channels on youtube. Check it out.
Added: 2-17-2017
A great collection of examples and tutorials by an Excel MVP, John F. Lacher, CPA. Tutorials range from Beginning to Advanced.
Added: 03-17-2004
3Better Solutions - Excel
A FREE website that contains an amazing amount of information and tutorials on Excel and Word. The content is well organized and contains basic as well as more advanced topics.
Added: 06-13-2004
4Excel Finance
A blog of Excel tips and tricks by Timothy R. Mayes, Ph.D. This blog will contain primarily Excel tips related to finance.
Added: 06-17-2007 offers easy to advanced Excel tutorials online.
Added: 05-11-2009
A variety of Excel tutorials and help articles for VBA, formulas, and pivot tables.
Added: 05-06-2014
Microsoft Excel tutorials, hints, tips, and downloads.
Added: 04-16-2006
This article explains how to use the DSUM database function in Excel instead of complicated nested SUM and IF formulas. [PDF Format]
Added: 06-02-2004
9Excel Statistics Lab
This Excel workbook depicts how to calculate descriptive statistics using Excel. The manual is dynamic and written in Excel so you have the problems directions right in a live Excel Sheet. Just follow the directions and see the results.
Added: 05-20-2006
Possibly one of Excels most underutilized aspects is its ability to create dynamic named ranges that will expand and contract according to the data in them. Here are 7 different types of these ranges.
Added: 05-13-2006

Excel Chart Tutorials

Bullet Charts Graph
This article by Charley Kyd explains how to create professional bullet graphs that can be used instead of dashboard gauges to represent the same information more clearly and concisely.
Added: 07-15-2006
12Excel Dot Plot
Dot Plot Charts
"Compare Metrics by Category Using Excel Dot Plot Charts", an article by Charley Kyd, explains how to create and use dot charts in place of bar graphs.
Added: 07-15-2006
Jon Peltier (Excel MVP) provides some great Excel chart tutorials and tricks for making them do some amazing things! A very cool site.
Added: 10-21-2004
When comparing multiple graphs, it can be important to use similar scales. This article explains a method for automating chart scaling using some VBA code. [Article, PDF format]
Added: 06-02-2004
15E90E50 Excel
A gallery of some pretty awesome excel charts!
Added: 05-07-2016

Basic Excel Tutorials

16Clear Excel
One of my new favorite Excel tutorial sites, because of it's clean look and its clear and concise articles.
Added: 4-18-2019
17Easy Excel
Provides easy to follow, step by step instructions on how to perform the most common tasks in Excel.
Added: 03-22-2011
This is a very basic tutorial for getting started in Excel.
Added: 03-17-2004
19Beginning MS
Four self-paced Excel lessons that provide step-by-step instructions. Very basic.
Added: 03-31-2004
This is a free guide to improving your spreadsheet skills, presented in the format of an interactive book. It contains examples, exercises and descriptions of many of the most useful spreadsheet functions.
Added: 02-08-2010


21Excel Solver Tutorial
A solver tutorial from the makers of the Excel solver - Frontline Systems, Inc.
Added: 04-07-2004
22Excel Solver
A Vertex42 article about using the Excel Solver add-in. Includes two example problems and a tutorial for creating a Solver macro.
Added: 05-01-2004
23Excel Goal Seek
Though not specifically about the Solver, this tutorial explains the Goal Seek feature in detail. Goal Seek is a very simplified iterative solver.
Added: 08-02-2016

Pivot Tables

24Excel Pivot Tables
Learn about Excel Pivot Tables. All the important fundamentals. Free online tutorial and free Workbook examples.
Added: 04-03-2004
A large list of Excel Pivot Table resources, including many free online pivot table tutorials and examples.
Added: 04-26-2007

Excel Video Tutorials

A very comprehensive single-page tutorial for the beginner up through using Pivot Tables and VLOOKUP.
Added: 06-06-2015
27Beginners Excel 2010 Video
A video series by Infinite Skills showing users how to create workbooks, perform calculations, create charts and utilize database functionality in Excel 2010, with free lessons on the site.
Added: 09-17-2010
28Online Excel Training
Provides multiple video-based Excel courses on general and specific topics.
Added: 05-28-2015 - Updated: 05-28-2015