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This page lists companies providing Add Ins and related Excel software. It is not a comprehensive list. There are hundreds of providers and authors of Excel Add-ins ranging from individual Excel developers to companies that employ many people to help support and develop their tools. In that past I listed individual products, but the number of different products is too large now to keep up-to-date, so this page lists the company and/or the company's primary product. Learn About Add-ins at

Note: Listings do not necessarily indicate endorsements.

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This marketplace lists the types of add-ins that have been created for Excel 2013 or later using the new Office Add-ins feature (Insert > Store). These are not the traditional .xlam or dll type add-ins.
Added: 3-28-2017
Ribbon Commander is a framework for creating and managing add-ins. When you install RC you get access to a number of free add-ins, including the Vertex42 Template Gallery add-in.
Added: 08-26-2014 - Updated: 08-26-2014
FrontlineSolvers is the developer of the Solver add-in for Excel. On their website, they offer even more powerful solvers for Monte Carlo simulations, risk analysis, optimization, and data mining. Simply awesome!
Added: 04-07-2004 - Updated: 03-28-2017
Tushar Mehta's Excel site contains many free add-ins and tutorials, having to do with simulation, charts, and data analysis. [Tushar is an Excel MVP]
Added: 06-05-2004 - Updated: 07-02-2004
Analysis Collection
Get ALL of Macro Systems's time saving add-ins and their downloadable books in one large collection. This ends up providing over 70% savings off of the individual add-in prices.
Added: 06-15-2004 - Updated: 2-17-2017

Business and Finance

Project Planning
This site provides numerous VBA-driven Excel solutions for project management, business valuation, portfolio performance tracking, invoicing, and more.
Added: 05-25-2010 - Updated: 03-28-2017
Project Management Kit
The Project Management Kit comprises the entire suite of templates used to initiate, plan, execute and close projects successfully. More than 50 Word and Excel documents comprising over 300 pages of helpful hints and real-life examples.
Added: 11-24-2004
One of the original Monte Carlo Simulation add-ins or Excel. Used for simulations, optimization, time-series forecasting, and real options analysis.
Added: 03-23-2004 - Updated: 10-31-2021
9Models for Finance and
This company had been around for a long time and has developed numerous tools for financial and statistical modeling with Excel.
Added: 12-12-2006 - Updated 03-28-2017
This add-on helps you get financial data into Excel (SEC filings, stock prices, volumes, etc.)
Added: 04-28-2021
This add-in helps you build and update financial statements with Excel.
Added: 10-20-2018
NumXL is a Time Series Analysis add-in for Excel for auto-correlation, estimation of model parameters, analyzing residuals, and forecasting.
Added: 07-17-2009 | Updated: 11-18-2019
This company specializes in Excel tools that let you download and analyze stock prices using advanced technical analysis.
Added: 07-30-2004 - Updated: 03-28-2017
Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm Addins for MS Excel. Affordable, Simple and Powerful.
Added: 08-07-2006 - Updated: 08-07-2006
15Checkbook for
Checkbook for Excel is a full featured software application written for Microsoft Excel. The Checkbook for Excel download provides a fully functional version of program that can be used for 30 days for free.
Added: 12-03-2004
Excel-based spreadsheets including: Retirement Calculator, 401k Calculator, Investment Calculator, Budget Planner, Net Worth Calculator, Mortgage Calculator, and more
Added: 08-05-2005 - Updated: 08-05-2005

Excel Utilities


Excel to HTML, PDF, java ...
17ASAP Utilities for
ASAP Utilities contains over 300 useful and powerful utilities to fill the gaps in Excel, and automate frequently used tasks. (The Home and Student version is free)
Added: 03-23-2004 - Updated: 03-30-2005
18Peltier Tech Chart
Jon Peltier's chart utility lets you easily create Box and Whisker Chart, Waterfall Charts, and other specialized charts. Jon Peltier is an Excel MVP and provides excellent service and documentation for his utilities.
Added: 12-03-2008 - Updated: 03-28-2017
This site provides a lot of different Excel utility add-ins as well as general Excel help.
Added: 03-06-2008 - Updated: 03-28-2017
20Dose for
Adds more than 100 features to Excel, including a date picker, trim spaces, extra functions, and data cleaning.
Added: 11-26-2018
21Python Excel Add-in
Use Excel as the user facing front-end. Use Python to power the calculations, business logic, and data access.
Added: 8-28-2018
22Excel Name
If you are in need of a utility to manage defined names in your workbooks, this one is a must-have. (see details for more features)
Added: 03-23-2005 - Updated: 03-28-2017
23Free Excel
[In Italian] Some very cool Excel add-ins for a variety of purposes (charts, data analysis, classification trees, etc.). See the detailed entry for a link to this page translated into English.
Added: 12-27-2004 - Updated: 12-27-2004
A tool that helps you check formula logic.
Added: 08-04-2009 - Updated: 03-28-2017
Many different Excel add-ins and applications. Excel productivity add-ins, conversion utilities, and add-ins for working with Excel and databases.
Added: 12-08-2007 - Updated: 03-28-2017
The Formulator helps clarify any Excel formula. InspectorText lets you do anything with text in formulas. xlPrecision makes calculations more precise.
Added: 06-09-2010 - Updated: 03-28-2017
A free toolbar with some time-saving worksheet tools
Added: 05-31-2004 - Updated: 03-30-2005
Excel Add-ins for Power Users. Enhance Excel filter and pivot table, merge tables, find duplicates, sort, convert. A simple alternative to Access.
Added: 07-31-2004 - Updated: 11-07-2004
29SpreadsheetGear for .NET
SpreadsheetGear for .NET is a Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet component built by industry veterans for .NET featuring a fast and complete Excel compatible calculation engine. Create, read, modify, calculate and write Excel workbooks without Excel.
Added: 11-26-2005
LockXLS encrypts your spreadsheets and locks them with password, trial period or hardware based key. Your workbook will be protected from reverse engineering and unauthorized copying.
Added: 02-06-2007
XLTools Add-in contains 12 professional tools for faster and smarter work in Excel. Simple and reliable tools that deliver spot-on results fast, no matter how difficult the task. (XLTools also found on
Added: 06-06-2016 - Updated: 06-06-2016
Insert multiple images automatically, perfectly sized to the cells. Great for inventory spreadsheets and product lists.
Added: 10-11-2013 - Updated: 10-11-2013
Microsoft Excel 2000-2007 add-ons for work automation and productivity improvement. Utilities are related to find and replace, consolidation, duplicate removal, table transforming, and more ...
Added: 02-01-2007 - Updated: 10-18-2007

Data Analysis

34SPC and

SPC XL is a complete SPC (Statistical Process Control) solution integrated into Microsoft Excel. Create Control Charts, Histograms, Paretos, Summary Statistics, Scatter Plots, Gage Capability Analysis, FMEA, and much more.

DFSS XL facilitates Design for Six Sigma initiatives. Features include Monte Carlo simulation, Linear Tolerancing Sheets, Latin Hypercube Sampling, Descriptive Sampling, Design Scorecards, Tolerance Allocation tables, and much more.

Added: 07-25-2007 - Updated: 08-08-2007
35SPC Software for
SPC Software
Draws control charts, pareto charts, histograms with Cp, Cpk, scatterdiagrams and more. Contains 60+ templates including Gage RR, PPAP,and FMEA.
Added: 11-02-2007
36ActiveData For
Adds over 100 advanced data analysis, manipulation and time savings features to Excel and Access.
Added: 07-23-2009
QueryCell allows you to query excel data using SQL within the Excel application itself, no database is required. It also allows you to convert data to SQL insert statements, generate test data and color rows that match your criteria.
Added: 02-05-2010
Virtual Forms is not an Excel Add-in exactly. It helps you build Excel desktop database apps without coding.
Added: 09-10-2019

Math and Statistics


Free XLC software which gives MS Excel the capability of displaying cell formulae as mathematical equations.
Added: 03-11-2007
40Excel Tools by Rodney Carr
Rodney Carr provides a few different Excel workbooks such as XLStatistics (for statistical analysis), XLGradebook (for organizing and processing student grades) and others.
Added: 03-26-2004 - Updated: 03-28-2017
Statistical functions and procedures for doing Monte Carlo simulation and risk analysis. Formlist is a simple auditing tool for displaying the formulas of a selected range. Torndiag.xls helps create tornado diagrams.
Added: 03-26-2004 - Updated: 03-30-2005
42Analyse-It Statistical Add-In
Analyse-it includes over 30 parametric & non-parametric statistics, including descriptive statistics, box-whisker plots, correlation, multiple linear regression analysis, ANOVA, & chi-square statistics for general statistical research.
Added: 04-25-2004 - Updated: 04-25-2004
The XLSTAT add-in offers a wide variety of functions to enhance the statistical and data analysis capabilities of Excel. Regression, ANOVA, hitograms, box plots, clustering ...
Added: 04-25-2004
Free extra Math Functions for Microsoft Excel. 2D and 3D Interpolate and Extrapolate Functions, Cubic Spline, Polynomial Curve Fitting, Derivatives ...
Added: 04-05-2004 - Updated: 01-23-2012
Does 1D numerical integration on any Excel cell formula given the independent variable and range of integration. The user is allowed to use two different quadrature rules: Gauss-Legendre and Romberg integration.
Added: 03-22-2010 - Updated: 03-22-2010
SimulAr is add-in for Microsoft Excel and is distributed as "emailware". SimulAr adds probability distribution functions in spreadsheets for performing Monte Carlo simulation and risk analysis under uncertainty conditions.
Added: 02-06-2005
47Kaizen Excel
150+ Word and Excel templates for lean six sigma kaizen process improvement.
Added: 07-26-2010