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Put your expense report, survey, order form, reservation form, employment application form, financial advisor, ROI-calculator, construction calculator or engineering calculation online!
Added: 07-31-2004 - Updated: 03-01-2018
2Spreadsheet to Web
Create web forms in minutes and start collecting data online. SpreadsheetWEB allows you to turn spreadsheets into advanced web forms and web applications. SpreadsheetWEB is a hosted service. Free Individual Edition available.
Added: 06-11-2007
Turn your spreadsheets into scalable enterprise applications. Convert to HTML, ASP,, or JSP.
Added: 03-30-2005
4SpreadsheetGear for .NET
SpreadsheetGear for .NET is a Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet component built by industry veterans for .NET featuring a fast and complete Excel compatible calculation engine. Create, read, modify, calculate and write Excel workbooks without Excel.
Added: 11-26-2005
5Able2Extract PDF
Able2Extract can convert PDF files to Word, Excel, Publisher and HTML. Get quick, accurate, transfer of native PDFs into formatted MS Excel spreadsheets for editing, analysis and other revisioning.
Added: 12-19-2006
Over 75 different Excel add-ins and applications. Excel productivity add-ins, conversion utilities, and add-ins for working with Excel and databases.
Added: 12-08-2007 - Updated: 12-16-2007
This website is not an Excel add-in, but it provides a way to convert PDF documents into Excel. Useful for large data tables.
Added: 09-05-2014
8SQL*XL: Oracle to Excel
Retrieve, manipulate and update Oracle or other external data from MS Excel. Database data can be inserted easially from Excel spreadsheets. Loading data into Excel was never easier. Full VBA support.
Added: 03-27-2004