What better way to learn Excel and save time, than by finding a good template? The good thing about Excel is that there are a lot of benevolent people who enjoy sharing Excel templates. Our goal at Vertex42 is to provide professional quality templates that help you solve every day problems at home, the office, or wherever. Take some time to browse Vertex42. I think you'll like what you find.


In addition to using our free Excel templates for the specific purpose they are designed for, you can also use them to see examples of Excel techniques such as drop down lists and dynamic named ranges. In addition to the 300+ templates you will find on Vertex42, you can learn some great techniques by checking out the other sites listed below.

Vertex42's Free Templates

We've created many different templates over the years for everything from calendars to home budgets, timesheets, loans, and gantt charts. Below are just a few of the free Excel templates on Vertex42.com that you might be interested in checking out, especially if you want to see examples of design or the use of different Excel features.

A very clean and easy-to-use budgeting spreadsheet.
A full-fledged money management spreadsheet that doesn't use any VBA whatsoever. Requires more knowledge of Excel than our other budget spreadsheets, but is still surprisingly user friendly for what it does.
Check out the Excel 2010 version to choose a different look and feel by just changing the theme.
A great example of the use of data validation drop-down lists combined with dynamic named ranges to make those lists easily editable.
An example of a nice clean layout for a daily planner page. Also uses some fancy conditional formatting and linked images to display mini monthly calendars.
Uses conditional formatting to highlight weekends and a checkbox to swap between names and student IDs.
It's very easy to create printable checklists with Excel. Here is a great example.
A perfect example of spreadsheet that was designed to be simple to use even though what is going on the background is extremely complicated.
A great example of how it's possible to create very powerful tools using Excel.

Free Office Templates from Microsoft


Microsoft provides many free Excel templates. They also have Word and PowerPoint templates. They are nicely organized by category, but the new gallery does not contain as many templates as the old gallery did. You may be able to find more templates by opening Excel and going to File > New and using the search field.