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The following sites provide online or offline Excel training, including courses, training programs, etc.

Exceljet provides a host of articles, shortcuts, examples, and video training for Excel.
Added: 08-29-2016
2Excel Dashboard
Mynda Treacy has created some great online training courses for excel dashboards, power query, power pivot, pivot tables, and other Excel awesomeness.
Added: 2-18-2017
Randy provides a LOT of training material on his site, including a course on Excel dashboards that provides over 15 hours of material, along with sample dashboards and templates.
Added: 10-29-2019
Excel MVP Ben Currier provides over 5 hours of free lessons as well as premium Excel training courses.
Added: 03-12-2019
This new site provides online exercises to teach and test your knowledge of Excel.
Added: 2-13-2019
John Michaloudis provides online video courses for Excel topics such as pivot tables and dashboards.
Added: 05-16-2016
7Plum Solutions - Financial
Financial analysis training from an expert in the field, Danielle Stein Fairhurst
Added: 05-05-2016
8Yoda Learning
Provides many different courses specific to both tools (Excel, Word, VBA, etc) and career paths such as Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Financial Analyst.
Updated: 9-12-2019
9MOS Excel
Provides three levels of Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certifications.
Added: 07-20-2016 - Updated: 12-23-2016
10Online Excel Training
Individual and group Excel courses.
Added: 7-29-2019
11Excel Training In London,
On-site and public Microsoft Excel training and Microsoft Excel VBA training.
Added: 08-24-2015
On-site and public Microsoft Excel training, Microsoft Excel VBA training and Microsoft Excel VBA macro solutions for engineers and business professionals.
Added: 03-10-2004
Excel training and tutorials including the basics, specific functions, time-saving tools, and industry-specific Excel tutorials.
Added: 07-27-2005
Custom Excel based tools, data management solutions and models increase productivity, reduce waste and improve data visibility. Experience, knowledge and creativity to develop solutions in every functional area of most industries.
Added: 10-15-2006
This Financial Modeling Training Program is designed to teach you everything you need to know about financial modeling, from how to use Excel to Accounting 101, to how to model and value companies, and how to create merger models and LBO models.
Added: 05-31-2010 - Updated: 05-31-2010
16Interactive Excel
Excel Everest provides an interactive excel training course. The tutorial covers 41 topics, 155 exercises, 399 buttons, and 87 videos that are built right into an Excel file.
Added: 03-23-2011
17Online Excel Training
Provides multiple video-based Excel courses on general and specific topics.
Added: 05-28-2015