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Lists Excel blogs that provide Excel-related news, tips, tutorials, and other Excel help.

This is the official Microsoft Excel blog. News is often about various Excel updates.
Added: 10-11-2005 - Updated: 06-01-2016
Debra Dalgleish's blog containing hundreds of Excel tips, shortcuts, videos, and more.
Added: 2-18-2017
Chandoo's goal is to make you awesome in excel and charting. If you read his blog and put into practice what he demonstrates, you'll become just that.
Added: 2-18-2017
A blog of Excel, Dashboards, Visual Basic for Applications, Data Analysis, Operations Research, and Visualizations.
Added: 2-18-2017
Exceljet provides a host of articles, shortcuts, examples, and video training for Excel.
Added: 08-29-2016
6Mynda Treacy's
Mynda Treacy is an Excel MVP that writes about Excel, talks about Excel, and I think possibly might even dream about Excel when she sleeps.
Added: 2-18-2017
Excel MVP Ken Puls provides some awesome posts about Excel and especially Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power BI.
Added: 05-05-2016
Daniel Ferry is an Excel MVP and does some amazing things with Excel.
Added: 05-03-2017
Kevin provides a great array of Excel articles and videos on his blog. He's a data and analytics expert.
Added: 2-15-2018
Excel tutorials and articles plus info about using Excel + Tableau.
Added: 10-01-2019
11Andrew's Excel
Andrew Engwirda's blog of Excel Tips for beginning and intermediate Excel users.
Added: 12-01-2004 - Updated: 01-21-2009
Jon Acampora's Excel blog. Some great stuff here!
Added: 04-28-2017
13The Spreadsheet
Chris Newman's spreadsheet blog. Excel MVP as of 2016!
Added: 04-28-2017
A new blog for learning more about Excel. Tutorials are free and designed for beginners.
Added: 3-16-2020
In addition to the blog about Excel stuff, this site contains a nice list of other bloggers.
Added: 05-13-2016 - Updated: 05-13-2016
16Unofficial Office
Excel topics, office links, answers and solutions (including Word, PowerPoint, Access, Frontpage, and Windows)
Added: 11-30-2004
17Excel Finance
A blog of Excel tips and tricks by Timothy R. Mayes, Ph.D. This blog will contain primarily Excel tips related to finance.
Added: 06-17-2007 - Updated: 11-30-2011
18Excel Digest
This blog provides Excel help, tutorials, tips, and VBA macros
Added: 06-22-2008
Excel Hints provides Microsoft Excel Users with Tips, Tricks and Hints for everything Excel.
Added: 04-30-2007
20Automate Excel
Excel Blog and Articles: Provides solutions to Excel related problems. The site contains hundreds of tips & tricks to help you deal with your day-to-day Excel errands.
Added: 08-02-2008
Articles related to Excel and the application of Excel as a professional
Added: 12-01-2008
This spreadsheet blog by Kasper and Mikkel shows that "We love Excel. And you will too."
Added: 05-31-2016
Detailed and thorough tutorials about Excel and VBA, by Jorge A Gomez.
Added: 08-02-2016