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Keep Your Immunization Record Up-to-Date

Keep Your Immunization Record Up-to-Date

Where is your immunization record? Where do you keep the vaccination records for your children? Does your doctor have a copy? Do keep paper copies in your safe? Do you carry your immunization card in your purse or wallet? Or do you even have an up-to-date vaccination record?

I have no idea when I last received a tetanus shot. I've switched doctors so frequently, I doubt my doctor would know. After all, the doctor usually asks YOU when you've last had your shot.

Immunization Record Template

Immunization Record Screenshot

In this electronic age, I can't think of any reason why I would only want one copy of my immunization record locked up in a safe. So, I created a new Immunization Record spreadsheet that can be stored with other important documents on your computer.

Create a vaccination record for you, your spouse, and your children. Then, whenever you need a copy, just print one!

If you have had a child recently, you should download an Immunization Schedule from (the Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Most vaccines given to children require multiples doses, so the immunization schedule makes it easy to see when the different vaccines are normally given.

Your doctor should help you schedule the necessary shots during your child's first 2 years, but you need to ensure that these records are kept. Schools will usually require that your child be up-to-date with her vaccines. So, keep a record up-to-date for yourself and your children so that if you move, switch doctors, or switch schools, you can ensure that you have always at least have your immunization record handy.

Electronic files are convenient, but they can also get lost or deleted, so make sure you keep electronic as well as paper copies. Whenever you update your electronic immunization record, print a paper copy and store it with your other important papers.


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  • A good record keeping is very essential more especially at planning, monitoring and evaluation as well in anyhealth ffacility or health statistics.
    Here in Nigerian we capture or enter our routine immunization data in DVDMT TEMPLATE so possible I need that template which narrate,analysis data at the end of month and finally annually.
    Thank you.


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