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Excel templates can be great time savers. But perhaps more importantly, they are educational. You can learn a great deal from seeing how someone else has put together a spreadsheet.

Vertex42 is one of the largest providers of original spreadsheet templates in the world. Below are some other sites that either provide repositories of templates (uploaded by the author), compilations of templates (files shared hopefully with author's permission), or original providers (created by the authors of the site).

Note: Vertex42 is opposed to the practice of hosting files created by other authors without the authors' specific permission.
[Repository] This site has a great collection of professional and powerful Excel templates (including dashboards and calculators). It looks like most of them are free to download. People can upload their own templates, and this site lists the Author.
Added: 05-15-2009 - Updated: 2-17-2017
2Microsoft Excel
Microsoft provides many free Excel templates on their website. You can also find templates by opening Excel and going to File > New and doing a search.
Added: 03-12-2004 - Updated: 2-17-2017
[Compilation] Large list of free excel templates related to financial management, compiled by Matt H. Evans, CPA, CMA, CFM.
Added: 03-22-2004
4Buy Excel Templates at OzGrid
Browse a large collection of Excel Templates. Most with money back gaurantee, some with free software.
Added: 04-03-2004
5Excel Templates for
Purpose-built Excel templates for financial analysis, management and business decision making.
Added: 02-02-2006
JaxWorks™ has many free accounting and financial templates, including forecasting, budgets, cashflow, sales, and other financial analysis spreadsheets.
Added: 04-13-2007
7Personal Finance
Loan and mortgage spreadsheets and calculators, vehicle buy vs. lease, buy home vs. rent, and more.
Added: 10-17-2007
A site providing Excel solutions, services, and templates for personal and business use.
Added: 05-07-2016
9XLStatistics by Rodney Carr
Set of Microsoft Excel workbooks for data analysis, to replace and enhance the tools provided in the Excel Data Analysis Toolbox addin. The workbooks are designed to be step-by-step guides. (Free for personal use)
Added: 03-26-2004
Philip Taylor provides a couple useful financial spreadsheets on his blog.
Added: 04-21-2010
This site offers a collection of spreadsheets for genealogy, including federal and state census forms.
Added: 01-16-2005
This site founded Janet Dagostino creates some of their own templates and also offers a way for template designers to sell their templates.
Added: 3-16-2017
This site by Dinesh Mohan provides many free templates with a lot of interesting functionality.
Added: 3-16-2017