Many people like to use a calendar to show when monthly bills need to be paid. This new spreadsheet template allows you to create or track your budget by entering expenses directly into a monthly calendar. The amounts you enter are totaled at the bottom. You can also include other expenses in the table below the calendar.


Monthly Budget Calendar

for Excel
Monthly Budget Calendar
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For: Excel 2007 or later and Excel for iPhone/iPad

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How to Use the Budget Calendar

I created this template from my Monthly Calendar Template, so it's best to think of this as simply a calendar that sums up the numbers you enter. It doesn't create categorized budget reports, and it doesn't import or export data like other budget calendar software might.

Start by updating the year and the month at the top of the worksheet. You can also make duplicate copies of the calendar worksheet to use for different months.

Each day of the calendar is made up of two columns. Use the column on the left for the description, and the column on the right for the expense amount.

Sum of Daily Amounts in the Budget Calendar

Important: The DAILY amount in the table below the calendar is the sum of the amounts you enter directly within the calendar. The image above highlights which of the cells are included in the daily sum. When you enter expenses, make sure to enter numbers within the highlighted columns.


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