We've recently discovered the beauty of Embedding Google Spreadsheets in Blogs, and calendars and schedules make for excellent examples. If you don't feel like creating your own spreadsheet, you are welcome to embed any of our preformatted calendars listed on this page. All of the calendars listed on this page are perpetual or automatically updated, meaning that they will update every 20 minutes or so. The one downside is that the current day is based on one specific timezone, Mountain Standard Time (MST) or GMT-7.

Perpetual Holiday Calendar

The Holiday Calendar below shows the current month and lists some common holidays. This calendar only includes U.S. holidays and a few religious obervances (like Easter, Hanukkah, and Ramadan).

120 x 260 pixels

Perpetual Monthly Calendar - 120x133 pixels

The 8 calendars listed below are designed for inclusion in narrow side bars on blogs or websites, with a commonly used width of 120px. You can see one in action by looking at the right side bar on this page.

Perpetual Monthly Calendar - 155x158 pixels

The second variety of monthly calendars is slightly larger, with a width of 155 pixels. Instead of showing every version and giving the html code for each version, you just need to find the format you like from the 8 listed above and then change a few things in the html code:

  • Change width='120' to width='155'
  • Change height='132' to height='158'
  • Change gid=1 (within the long SRC string) to gid=5

Perpetual 3-Month Calendar

These two calendars show the current month in the middle and the previous and next months on the left and right, respectively.

Perpetual Yearly Calendar

I didn't create many variations of the yearly calendar, simply because I doubt they are going to be as popular for embedding as the small monthly versions.

How to Create Your Own Calendar

Don't like any of these formats? Read the article Embedding Google Spreadsheets in Blogs to find out how to create your own spreadsheets and embed them into your website. I created a Google Spreadsheet template called "Embedded Calendar" that you can use to get started. If you want to create a monthly calendar that updates automatically, you'll need to know a little trick through: The formulas for the calendar reference the cell used as the month title, for example the cell containing "February 2009". If you use the formula =DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),MONTH(TODAY()),1) then the calendar will update based on the current day.


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