The free Excel Calendar Template on this page was one of the very first templates I created for back in 2003. I've since added many other types of calendar templates, printable calendars, yearly calendars, planners, and schedules that you can find listed to the right. However, if you are looking for a professionally designed and easy-to-use 2016 or 2017 calendar template, go ahead and use the files contained in the Excel Calendar Template download on this page.


One of the great things about using an Excel calendar is the complete flexibility it gives you for entering events, highlighting cells, formatting, etc. It's kind of funny that a spreadsheet tool like Excel, orginally created for accounting purposes, has turned into one of the most popular tools for creating custom calendars.

New!! Theme-Enabled Excel Calendar Templates

Theme-EnabledDownload Vertex42's new theme-enabled calendar templates for Excel 2007/2010.

Create great-looking calendars in seconds by just selecting the theme of your choice from Excel's gallery of colors and fonts.

All of the calendars shown on the right were created using the same workbook.

More designs for our theme-enabled calendar templates

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Excel Calendar Template

The Original - over 2.5 million downloads - For 2016 and Beyond!
Excel Calendar Template
.xls files for multiple years
For: Excel 2003 or later
Any Year Calendar
For: OpenOffice Calc

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License: Personal Use
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Full-Year Calendars for 2016, 2017: The most popular files in the download are the no-formula/no-fuss yearly calendars named 2016-calendar.xls, 2017-calendar.xls, etc. These yearly calendars include a different month of the year on separate worksheet tabs, and don't have any complicated formulas. You can easily add events, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, to create calendars for your family, club, or organization. Some U.S. holidays and observances are already included.

The file named ExcelCalendarTemplate_v1-4.xls is the original free calendar template by It is perpetual, meaning that it can be used to create a monthly calendar for any month of any year (after 1900). It uses some fancy Excel features such as macros and form controls (for adjusting the color scheme), conditional formatting (for controlling the background color of some cells), named ranges (for working with formulas and the macros), and linked images (for displaying mini previous- and next-month calendars).

This spreadsheet was the first calendar template available on, and 2,500,000 downloads later, it is still one of the most popular. For the more advanced Excel users, I can recommend the newer (yet still free) Perpetual Calendar template.

How to Use this Calendar Template

To use this calendar template, you will first need to extract the .xls files from the .ZIP archive. You can learn how to do that on the Support/FAQ Page.

The full-year calendars included in the download don't contain macros, but the file "ExcelCalendarTemplate_v1-4.xls" does. To use the buttons that modify the color scheme, you'll need to enable macros when you open this file (which you can learn how to do using Excel's help system).

After that, it's just a matter of choosing the month and year you want, modifying the color scheme to your liking using the scroll bars, and then printing the calendar.

If you get weirded out by the background colors changing, don't worry - that's just conditional formatting at work (which you can also read about in Excel's help system).

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