Download a free weekly calendar template for Microsoft Excel® to help plan and organize your time. If spreadsheets aren't your thing, you can also download a printable blank weekly calendar PDF and print as many copies as you need. We also have a more detailed weekly planner template if you are interested in printing planner pages with task lists and notes sections.


Our new weekly calendar template is now much easier to use and customize. Based on multiple requests from users, we've removed some of the complicated date formulas and features to make it more functional and easy to customize. Though it is basically the same as our weekly schedule now, you can still download the original weekly calendar template which has the little monthly calendars at the top.

Weekly Calendar Template 1.2

for Excel and OpenOffice
Excel Weekly Calendar Template
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Version: Excel 2003 or later

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Microsoft Excel® 2003 or later, or Calc
License: Personal Use
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"No installation, no macros - just a simple spreadsheet" - by



Vertex42's weekly calendar is great for creating custom weekly schedules for home, school, and the office. To plan many weeks ahead, you can simply duplicate the worksheet and then rename the tabs and change the date listed at the top of each week. There are instructions within the spreadsheet explaining how to do this.

Excel Weekly Calendar Template

You may also download the older version of the weekly calendar template. It is great for printing blank weekly calendars, especially if you like the date labels and the mini calendars at the top. The newer version above (1.2) is better for editing within Excel because you can more easily duplicate the worksheet.

Printable Weekly Calendar

The following PDF files were designed to be printed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can print and share as many paper copies as you want. If you want to share the electronic version, you may share a link to this page or use the social sharing buttons (Facebook, Google+, Twitter).

Printable Weekly Calendar

5 am to 8 pm (no dates)

Weekly Calendar
Weekly Calendar, Monday-First

Blank (no hours or dates)

Blank Weekly Calendar
Blank Weekly Calendar, Monday-First



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