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Jon Wittwer

About the author: Jon Wittwer is the founder, president, and editor of In 2003, Jon combined his interest in web development with his love of Excel to create what would become the Vertex42 you see today. Jon has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, but now spends the majority of his time creating, improving, and writing about the spreadsheet templates that are being used by millions of people and businesses all over the world.

Using Unicode Character Symbols in Excel

Unicode Character Symbols

A one-stop reference for using Unicode character symbols in Excel, including ways to insert symbols and how to use them in drop-down lists, number formats, etc. Also includes tables of newer Unicode symbols.

Add Cool Features to Your To Do Lists in Excel

Special Features in Excel Task Lists

One of the best ways to learn new techniques in Excel is to see them in action. This post demonstrates how to add some fun and useful features to simple to do lists, including drop-down lists, check boxes, and progress bars.

Gantt Charts Made Easy – New Version 4.0

Gantt Chart Template Pro version 4.0

We’ve just released a new (beta) version of Gantt Chart Template Pro that is designed to be a lot easier to use. It is available to both new and current customers. Existing customers can return to the download page to get the new version (no new purchase necessary). When I first created the Gantt chart [...]

Analyze Data with a Calendar Chart in Excel

Calendar Heat Map by Vertex42

Use conditional formatting in Excel to display your data as a calendar chart to visualize data over days, weeks, and months. This post explains how to use the template and answers some questions about how it was created.