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How to Access Templates for Google Sheets and Docs

How to Make a Copy of a Google Sheets Tempalte

After you have previewed a template for Google Sheets or Google Docs and decide you want to use the template, what is the best way to get a copy you can edit?

What To Do: Click on the Use Template button. If you don't see the Use Template button, then go to File > Make a Copy. These actions place a copy of the template on your Google Drive for you to use and edit.

If you click on View Only > Request Edit Access, you are requesting access to edit the original template, and I don't grant access to edit the original. Instead, you need to get your own copy of the file, and you do that by going to File > Make a Copy.

NOTE: If you see the original template listed in your Google Drive (the owner will be listed as jonwittwer or jon), then you can safely delete that from your Google Drive. This will not delete the original - it is only a pointer to the original template.

How to Open Excel Templates in Google Sheets

Within Google Drive, go to New > File Upload and select the Excel file from your computer. To find the file you uploaded in Google Drive, click on the Recent tab in the left sidebar. Double-click on the file you uploaded then click on Open With Google Sheets.

Google Sheets recently made it possible to edit Excel files without having to first convert them to Google Sheets. If you still want to convert the Excel file to Google Sheets, you can do that by clicking on File > Save as Google Sheets as shown in the image below.

How to Save an Excel File as Google Sheets

Not all of my Excel templates are fully compatible with Google Sheets. Although Google Sheets is rapidly getting better, there is still a long way to go before it can do everything Excel can do. For that reason, I usually have to create separate templates specifically for Google Sheets.

If there is an Excel template on that you would like to work with in Google Sheets, please request it by commenting below.


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  • Does Google Sheets have Gannt charts and functions?

  • Hello, I’m a giant fan & love your Vertex assets ;-). I’d like to use the Vertex Business Plan template for basic revenue and expense planning. I need to use it in Google Sheets so that I can collaborate with the business owner who uses only Google Docs. Can you advise if/how I can use a Google Sheets compatible version? Thank you!

    • I’m afraid I don’t have a version specifically for Google Docs/Sheets, but you can try uploading to your google drive and see how well it converts.


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