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Excel Tips

Learn how to use Excel better. If you love Excel and want to learn cool new tricks and tips, then this section of our blog is for you!

Favorite Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn essential keyboard shortcuts for Excel and Google Sheets. Download a keyboard shortcut bingo sheet to help you learn hotkeys one at a time.

How to Use Conditional Formatting in Excel

How to Use Conditional Formatting in Excel

Learn over 20 different ways to use conditional formatting in Excel to do things like add color scales for data analysis, add data bars for in-cell charts and progress bars, and create a gantt chart.

Custom Number Formats in Excel

Custom Number Formats in Excel

Learn how to create and use custom number formats in Excel to display numbers in thousands or millions, add units such as “ft” or “lbs”, change font colors, add special symbols, and more.

Using Pivot Tables to Analyze Income and Expenses

Introduction to Pivot Tables in Excel

This introduction to using Pivot Tables in Excel shows how to analyze monthly income and expenses by account, category, date, etc. Download the example spreadsheet to follow along. By guest author and Microsoft MVP, John MacDougall.

Create a Drop Down List in Excel

Create a Drop Down List in Excel

I love using drop down lists in Excel. In this article, I’ve tried to explain all of the techniques that I use for making drop-down lists, including simple yes/no options, checkbox substitutes, dependent lists for sub-categories, and using dynamic named ranges.

Using Unicode Character Symbols in Excel

Unicode Character Symbols

A one-stop reference for using Unicode character symbols in Excel, including ways to insert symbols and how to use them in drop-down lists, number formats, etc. Also includes tables of newer Unicode symbols.

Add Cool Features to Your To Do Lists in Excel

Special Features in Excel Task Lists

One of the best ways to learn new techniques in Excel is to see them in action. This post demonstrates how to add some fun and useful features to simple to do lists, including drop-down lists, check boxes, and progress bars.