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[ For Office 2013 and Later ] provides over 400 free spreadsheet templates and document templates and this app lets you conveniently browse the collection. The app will open in a task pane on the right within Excel or Word.

The current version of this app for the Office 2013 will allow you to browse the latest versions of almost all the free templates on It will also direct you to the info page for each template where you can often learn more about the topic, rate and review the template, and download versions for Open Office or Google Docs.

Browse On Your Phone! Though this app was specifically created as an app for the new Office, you can also try it on almost any mobile internet-ready device. Just navigate to or use link below.

Try it With Your Browser

Note: When accessed from a regular browser outside of Office 2013, the download button for the templates will direct you to the corresponding template info page.


Q. Why can't I open the files directly in Excel or Word?

Files cannot be opened directly from the web from within an Office App. That is why the links and buttons within the app must open an external browser window to download the files.

Q. When downloading a template, should I "Save" or "Open" when my browser prompts me?

You should choose "Save" to save the template that you are downloading to a location on your computer. Then, open that template file in the appropriate application (Excel for .xls and .xlsx files or Word for .doc and .docx files).