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New Calendar Templates for 2014

Vertex42 2014 calendar templates

With 2014 just around the corner, we’ve been hard at work creating a large library of calendar templates. Our new calendar templates include yearly calendars, monthly calendars and birthday calendars. Within each of those we’ve created a variety of layouts and theme designs to choose from.

Below is a quick look at our original and new calendar templates, along with links to where you can find more calendars and download them for free.

Vertex42’s Original Calendar Template

Excel Calendar Template

If you are coming back to download the same calendar you used in the past, you may be looking for our original Calendar Template. The 2014 calendar is included in the main download found on our Excel Calendar Template page.

You can also find direct links to various monthly calendars in both portrait and landscape orientation on our 2014 Calendar page (near the bottom of the page).


Yearly Calendars

Our yearly calendars offer a variety of ways to show 12 months on one page. Further customization is made easy by simply choosing the year, starting month and starting day of the week (Sunday or Monday).

Theme Enabled Yearly Calendars

If you are running Excel 2007 or later, the .XLSX version allows you to easily change the color schemes. (simply go to Page Layout > Colors)

Yearly Calendar Themes

We currently offer the new yearly calendars in four unique themes:

Vertex42 Yearly Calendar Themes

Yearly Calendar layouts

Along with the four themes, we’ve created a variety of layouts, such as portrait and landscape or sections for adding notes or a photo.

Vertex42 Yearly Calendars

Vertex42 Yearly Calendars with Notes

Vertex42 Yearly Photo and School Calendars

Browse and Download
Click here to browse and download our free yearly calendars >

Monthly Calendars

If you want larger months with the ability to list multiple items for each day, try our monthly 2014 calendars. They also come in four different themes, each designed to print nicely on a single page:

2014 Monthly Calendar Themes

Browse and Download
Click here to browse and download our free monthly calendars >


Birthday Calendars

Our birthday calendars come in two designs with vertical and horizontal layouts. They are great for keeping track of multiple birthdays throughout the year.
Birthday Calendar Layouts

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Click here to browse and download our free birthday calendars >

We enjoyed making these calendars and hope they can make 2014 a productive year for you! Please let us know what you would like to see us create in the future.

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  • Dear sir,
    first let me congratulate you on the file “Printable Daily Planner” very useful indeed.I’ve modified it with my dates but on printing I would like to print a single file on PDF so then I’ll print it collated on a printer. the problem is that I get the prompter to name/print every page. Then after the the all files are created I will have o stitch them altogether. I’ve tried to see inside the macro if the is a string I can modify to have a single file printed with all the 365 day butt it’s all blurry for me. I have to mention that the printing it will not be for commercial purpose, I’m just trying to make myself a daily planer according to my professional needs … being an architect I’ve modified some of the notes as “call the client” “site visit” etc.
    Please help me and tell me how I can transform the macro in order to print a single PDF file with all the 365 days.

    With respect.
    arch. Dan Cincu

    • @Dan, I’ve never figured out a way to print a single worksheet sheet repeatedly to make a single PDF via VBA. Instead, I added a new version (the new XLSX file download) that lets you print 2 days at a time. The important new modification is that it lets you make copies of the Planner worksheet within the same workbook. Each worksheet can then start with a different day and you can select multiple sheets at a time in order to print all of them at the same time into one PDF (no macros involved in that version). Contact me via email if you’d like me to send you an example of this.

  • having problems trying to find a monthly calendar for 2014 in microsoft word. All the calendar are in excel.

    • True. I don’t make calendars for Word, at least not yet.

  • Why do you not include on the calendars; the previous and following months days of the 6 week layout. I am trying to get one to work but not breaking your formulas all that well. Also a calendar that is on it’ side where first column is day of week then the month in each column top to bottom. That I have managed to do, switching Column for row and vs in one of your formulas. But the pre-month and following month data is where I am having trouble. Keep up the great work, very useful stuff found here, better then that other company.

    • @Eric … I have versions in the works that include the previous and next-month calendars. I can send you an example if you email me. As for the “calendar on its side”, check out the “Annual Calendar – Vertical” template towards the bottom of the yearly calendar page.

  • I would like to download 2015 calendar and add monthly features into each month?


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