What Would You Like to See Added to Vertex42?

by on November 28, 2012

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Do you have a need for a spreadsheet template, but can’t find what you want? Submit your idea and you might get your wish.

Both of my most recent templates, the Vehicle Maintenance Log and the Business Mileage Tracker, came directly from requests from users.

At the risk of taking on more than I can handle, I’m making an offer to create at least one of the spreadsheet template ideas shared via this post. I’m not sure how long it will take to get people to submit ideas, so I’ll just say that I will create the first thing that I think is feasible to make. Oh, and the end result will be free to download.

ALL of the great ideas will be added to my to do list, but for now I’m just going to commit to making at least one of the requested templates in the near term.

Most of my motivation for creating new templates comes from either a personal interest in the subject or because somebody makes a polite request for help. Although a template might require almost no Excel experience to use as-is, customizing a template significantly can require near-guru status. So, I welcome the feedback that helps me create better, more flexible, and easier-to-use templates.

Here are some other templates where the template itself or variations of the template were created specifically at the request of Vertex42 fans:

Even if you’d like to just see a minor change made to a particular template, please feel free to make the suggestion.

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