Any inventory clerk or accountant will agree that stock inventory management is crucial to any business that must maintain an inventory of merchandise, equipment, tools, or materials. But as all inventory clerks know, keeping track of inventory is hard enough without worrying about inventory optimization.


Many large companies use complex inventory databases to minimize excess inventory, but these systems are costly and difficult to setup. If you are a small or medium size company, or just need something to get you started, check out our simple inventory control solution that includes an Inventory Control Spreadsheet template, a Physical Count Sheet and an Inventory Label template. Continue reading below the download block for additional tips and information.

Inventory Control Template with Count Sheet

for Excel
Inventory Control Template

"No installation, no macros, no hidden formulas, no hidden worksheets, no VBA - just a simple spreadsheet" - by and Brent Weight

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Vertex42's Inventory Control Template will help you get your inventory program started - including reducing surplus inventory and processing inventory updates.

How to use this Inventory Template:

  • Use the main Inventory Control worksheet (see screenshot above) to keep track of locations, minimum stock levels, in stock inventory, parts on order and parts on backorder.
  • The Inventory Control sheet will highlight reorder levels when it is time to reorder. To decrease surplus inventory keep the reorder levels as low as possible without jeopardizing production or sales.
  • Use the physical Count Sheet (view screenshot) for manual inventory audits. Once collected, update your Inventory Control Sheet.
  • Make sure to include both internal and external part numbers so items can be easily and correctly identified.
  • Use the status field to track the life cycle of a part from pre-production through obsolescence.
  • Print inventory labels using the Label (view screenshot) worksheet.
  • Use the Suppliers (view screenshot) worksheet to keep track of supplier contact information.

Other Inventory Templates

  • Looking to track fixed assets such as equipment, hardware and furniture, check out Vertex42's Asset Tracking Template – a simple solution for equipment tracking.
  • Are you responsible for keeping track of software compliance and computer hardware? – try Vertex42's Software Inventory Tracking template – a great way to get your software inventory in order.

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