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Spreadsheets are great tools for budgeting, but some budget concepts may need a bit more explanation before you can make full use of Excel and the various budget templates we have created. Check out our article How to Make a Budget as well as the list of blog articles below. See our other money management categories as well.

If you are just getting started creating a budget, below is a list of a few of our templates listed in order from most basic to most powerful.

  1. Simple Budget Worksheet
  2. Monthly Cash Flow
  3. Family Budget Planner
  4. Money Manager

Budgeting Tips for the New Year

Building a Budget

Have you made your new year’s financial resolutions? Many people pledge to do better with their finances around this time of year, but they just don’t know where to start.

How To Budget For Christmas Gifts and Holiday Spending

Christmas Gift and Holiday Budget

Just because it’s a little too soon to put up the Christmas tree or break out the stockings and Holiday decor, doesn’t mean it’s too soon to create your Christmas gift budget. If you start saving now, it will help you [...]

How Do I Plan a Wedding on a Budget?

Wedding on a Budget

So you’re planning the biggest day of your life. This is an important occasion and naturally you want it to be special. But, how do you plan a wedding that isn’t going to start you out financially ruined? You may [...]

How Do W-4 Allowances Affect Take-Home Pay?

Controlling Your W4 Allowances

Would you like to give yourself a raise? If you normally get a large tax return, perhaps you should take another look at your W-4. This is the form you fill out as you prepare to start your new job. [...]

How Do I Track My Savings Goals?

Savings Goal Thermometers

If you budget, surely you’ve had to deal with the problem of how to track your savings goals. Do you do it within your budget somehow? Do you try to make Quicken do what you want? Perhaps you’ve tried the [...]