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Family and Health

You might be surprised at the number of ways that spreadsheets can be used to help your family life and your health. This part of the blog covers these types of topics. Also check out the following pages to find templates that can help you save time and hopefully improve your life:

10 Resources to Help You Find Your Ancestors

Find Your Ancestors

Are you curious about where you came from or want to know more about your family history? There are many amazing stories out there just waiting to be discovered, but how do you get started? There’s no question that doing [...]

Money Management for Kids – The Family Bank Approach

Money Management for Kids

If you have kids, you’ve probably tried various methods to help your younger kids save and manage their money. We started out using the envelope method, but that wasn’t working for us. The problem with the envelope method was that [...]

16 Ways Kids Can Make Money

Ways for Kids to Make Money

Do you get frustrated when your kids ask for money or hound you to buy them the latest gadget? Most kids don’t like to do chores, but learning how to work and save money is vital! It builds character, helps teach responsibility, and is one of [...]

Keep Your Immunization Record Up-to-Date

Immunization Records

Where is your immunization record? Where do you keep the vaccination records for your children? Does your doctor have a copy? Do keep paper copies in your safe? Do you carry your immunization card in your purse or wallet? Or [...]