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Project Management

Excel is a popular project management tool, partly because it is so versatile. Although there are hundreds of PM software tools out there, sometimes you just need to get something done using a tool you already know. This is why Vertex42 has created so many different PM tools for Excel, such as Gantt charts, budget spreadsheets, to do lists and timelines. We use our blog occasionally to write about updates or ways to use our templates.

For the full list our PM spreadsheets, see our Project Management Templates category page.

Gantt Charts Made Easy – New Version 5.0

Gantt Chart Template Pro version 5.0

In December, 2020 we released a new version of Gantt Chart Template Pro that is designed to consolidate multiple versions and features into a single template. It is available to both new and current customers. Existing customers can return to [...]

Case Study – Using Simple Tools for Project Management

Project Management Tools

What’s Your Project Management Style Do you have a proven process for project management and business success? Think about the tools you have in place to drive and track your business activities, projects and staff toward the common goal. Are [...]