This collection of Excel and Word templates contains versions of popular Vertex42 templates and calculators that you can use in your financial advisory business. The main limitation is that you may not resell or distribute copies or modified copies of these files outside your business. However, you can use these files to help your clients or to run your own business.

  • Customize the formatting to match your branding.
  • Print the documents without Vertex42 branding (Vertex42 logos and attributions are outside the print area).
  • Double-check calculations in spreadsheets - the Excel files are not locked.
  • Customize and add your own calculations.
Financial Planner's Template Pack
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(Not for Resale or Distribution)

Required: Microsoft Excel 2010 or Later

Return Policy: 60 Days

License: Commercial Use

Support: Visit Support Page

Six of the main products included in this template pack can be purchased individually (at a higher total cost).

This is a ONE-TIME payment. It is not a subscription. Your link to the download page will last indefinitely, so you can download updates if/when we add them.


#1 Debt Reduction Calculator - Pro

Help your clients create a debt reduction plan. This spreadsheet allows you to choose the order that debts are paid off using various snowball strategies. Click below to try the personal-use version first and learn more about what the Pro version includes.

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#2 Loan Amortization Schedule & Home Mortgage Calculator

Help your clients analyze loan options. Commercial versions of various loan calculator spreadsheets are included in this package, including the Loan Amortization Schedule, Home Mortgage Calculator and Simple Interest Loan. Click below to try the personal-use version and learn more about what the commercial version includes.

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#3 Retirement Calculator

Help your clients analyze their retirement needs. Click below to try the personal-use version and learn more about what the commercial version includes.

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#4 Personal Financial Statement

Use this spreadsheet to create a detailed personal financial statement for a client, including a balance sheet for calculating net worth and a yearly cash flow statement. Click below to try the personal-use version.

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#5 Break-Even Analysis

Use this for analyzing your own business or to help a client. Click below to learn more about this spreadsheet.

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#6 Financial Plan Summary

A simple 1-page financial summary to customize for your client (for Excel).

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#7 Monte Carlo Simulation Template

Created primarily as a learning tool, this spreadsheet may help you run a Monte Carlo Simulation on an existing non-macro financial model in Excel.

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In Case That Isn't Enough

Most of the free spreadsheets on, such as our other budgeting and financial calculators, are for Personal Use or Private Use only, meaning that they are not available for commercial use. HOWEVER, by purchasing the Financial Planner's Template Pack, we will give you permission to use ALL of our templates for commercial use (subject to the limitations of the Commercial Use license). That's right, if you purchase this package, you can use ANY of our free templates to assist your clients.

This also means that you may customize the spreadsheets to fit your branding and then create printed reports, PDFs, or screenshot images to give to your clients. But please do not distribute the template files themselves or remove Vertex42 branding (because these files are copyrighted, and the commercial-use license does not allow it).

It's also totally fine if a client downloads a template from our site (perhaps at your suggestion), and you then help them modify it for their use.

Note: We don't give permission to put our templates on other websites. If you want to recommend our spreadsheets, you may link to the public pages of our site.

Wait ... One More Bonus

Spreadsheet Tips Workbook (single-user license)

Want to get better at using Excel? This workbook contains 142 detailed tips to help you be more productive and do cool stuff with Excel.

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By making a one-time payment of $99, you are given access to DOZENS of spreadsheets, all of them available for use in your business. No need to become a master in Excel. You can gain access to hundreds of hours of professional work for a very minimal cost. Not only that, but if we add more templates to this list, you'll get them at no additional cost (by just returning to the download page to download new or updated versions).

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Some Free Templates You May Want To Use

Billing Invoice Template
Billing Invoice Template
This billing invoice provides a simple tool for freelance services, accounting, and other small businesses looking for an invoice solution that is easy to customize.
Invoice with Hours and Rate
Invoice with Hours and Rate
A professionally styled invoice template for services charging by the hour.
Invoice Tracking
Invoice Tracking Template
Track the status of all your invoices.
Time Tracking Template
Time Tracker
Track hours worked on multiple projects or for multiple customers. Great for freelancers.
Business Plan Template
Business Plan Template
Use this for your own business, or help your clients complete it after they download it.
Paycheck Calculator
Paycheck Calculator
How do W-9 allowances affect tax withholdings?

Free Templates To Help Your Clients Use

Monthly Cash Flow Worksheet
Monthly Cash Flow Worksheet
Track your personal cash flow on a monthly basis, or create a 12-month cash flow plan (i.e. budget).
Account Register Template
Account Register Template
Track multiple accounts or sub-accounts within a single account register. Great for savings goals.
Family Budget Planner
Family Budget Planner
- A yearly budget planner with more categories including child care and other family expenses.
Vertex42® Money Manager
Money Manager
- Record daily transactions just like you would with Quicken or Microsoft Money.
College Student Budget
College Student Budget
- Create a college budget plan using this simple student budget worksheet.
Line of Credit Tracker
Line of Credit Tracker
For small businesses, lenders, or borrowers wanting to track draws, payments, and interest for a general line of credit.

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