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Savings Tips

Budgeting is primarily about controlling spending and allocating savings. How to save, how much to save, and how to track your savings are the topics for this part of the blog. Vertex42 provides a number of different spreadsheets to help you:

42 Effective Ways to Save Money

42 Effective Ways to Save Money thumbnail

To help those who are using Vertex42's budget templates and money management tools, we've compiled a huge list of effective ways to save money and help you stick to your family budget.

How Much Should I Save for College?

Saving for College

How will you help your child save for college? This could be a scary thought. For one thing, most people have no idea how much college is going to cost  years from now when their child starts attending. The actual amount is as varied as [...]

How Do I Track My Savings Goals?

Savings Goal Thermometers

If you budget, surely you've had to deal with the problem of how to track your savings goals. Do you do it within your budget somehow? Do you try to make Quicken do what you want? Perhaps you've tried the [...]