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Employment Tips

Getting a job and staying employed is one of life\’s most important challenges. In this part of the blog, we talk about ideas for resumes and getting a job and other issues related to employment. Make sure to check out the resume section of our website for resume templates and tips for writing resumes and cover letters:

How Do You Get “A Foot In The Door”?

A Foot in the Door

Having the necessary tools and knowledge is critical to the job seeker’s success. Networking can often be the key! Writing a good resume is usually considered a vital part of getting an interview. Finding an appropriate resume template is one [...]

How Do I Handle Unemployment on a Resume?

Unemployment Gap on a Resume

Are you sitting at the computer ready to create the stellar resume, yet scratching your head figuring out what to do with burdensome employment gaps? Life is stressful enough without worrying about how to explain that time of unemployment to [...]

Should I include my GPA on my Resume?

GPA on a Resume

Are you a recent graduate nearing the big day, busily getting resumes out to potential employers? Or, have you been in the job scene for a while, contemplating a move in another direction? Regardless of your situation, you’re wondering whether [...]

How Do W-4 Allowances Affect Take-Home Pay?

Controlling Your W4 Allowances

Would you like to give yourself a raise? If you normally get a large tax return, perhaps you should take another look at your W-4. This is the form you fill out as you prepare to start your new job. [...]