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Spreadsheet Templates for the iPad

Spreadsheet Templates for iPad Numbers

I’ve been waiting a long time for a mobile spreadsheet application that can do more than just create basic data tables. Apple’s Numbers app for the iPad fits that bill. And now I’m happy to announce Vertex42’s new Spreadsheet Templates app which will give you access to a large collection of Numbers templates.

If you aren’t already familiar with the Numbers app, hop over to and take a look at their description. Features like check boxes, steppers, sliders, and pop-up menus in addition to the impressive charts makes Numbers quite a powerful tool.

The Numbers app comes with only a very small number of templates, and because it is such a vastly different tool from Excel, not many Excel templates can be directly imported into Numbers without a loss of data or functionality.

Instead of having users navigate to download templates for Numbers, we’ve created a free app that let’s you easily browse our gallery of templates, then load them directly into Numbers. Some are free, and others can be unlocked via in-app purchases. Hopefully, the in-app purchases will help us recover the cost of creating the app and redesigning the templates.


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  • hi – need some help! I downloaded numbers a while ago and added vertex spreadsheets some moths ago and all was working fine. I had an update to add and everytime i try and update it it wont update! the update was for icloud sync which I have switched all things on but it will still not update

    • We’re not sure why you’d be having a problem updating the Spreadsheet Templates app. Most of the time, when an app won’t update, deleting the app and re-adding the app solves the problem. In this case, if you made any in-app purchases, there is a button on the help/info screen that will allow you to restore in-app purchases.

  • That is FANTASTIC news :)

    I am slowly beginning to use Numbers, and looking forward to seeing what you develop for this platform. As always, I really appreciate your hard work over there. I have been a fan of Vertex42 for about 8 years now. Keep up the great work.

  • What great news! Any chance the money management template will be available in the future? I would pay upwards of $10 to have that available on my iPad!

    • @Ashley It would be awesome to eventually convert the money management template. At the moment, the lack of drop-down boxes linked to cell ranges makes that impossible via the iPad. The family budget planner is the closest thing to it for now.


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