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New Microsoft Templates Site – Is it a Template Store?

Today I was fixing some links on my site and found that Microsoft has created a new site for listing their templates for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Here is a screenshot of the main page:

New Microsoft Templates Site - Screenshot

Here is the link to the new site:

I tried to find out what I could about the new site, but so far nada. Not even anything in the forums or Office Blogs that I can tell. But, maybe I need to spend longer than an hour looking.

Is it Really a “Store”?

What is interesting to me, besides it being very well designed and easy to browse with some interesting new templates, is the fact that it is hosted on and currently all the templates are listed as FREE.

Do you think this means that eventually there will be templates that can be purchased from the store?

I’ve pitched the idea of a “Template Store” to Microsoft before, so this really intrigues me. It would be great if Microsoft could allow other template developers (like Vertex42) to offer professionally designed templates from an online store, just like they do with Office Apps.

I will update this post as I learn more about this, or if I find links to any press releases about this new site.

According to the WayBack Machine (, the new templates site has existed since at least March 22, 2014. Anyone else have any news about this?


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  • Looks fun but it’s only office online… I really don’t like that.

    • @Tara

      Right … it does look like you need to first open it in the online Excel (or Word) app, but the file gets saved to OneDrive and can then be downloaded to your computer and opened in Excel 2010 or whatever. I would prefer that they let you download the file first and then choose whether to upload to OneDrive. But, perhaps they are trying to get people to use OneDrive more.

      I tried getting a template when not logged in to see if you can download the file instead of opening in the online app, but it asks you to sign in.

  • Yes, it does sound like a brilliant idea. I hope it gains traction. I have always loved your “Template Store” but I am sure that something curated by Microsoft would be very beneficial to you and your business. I hope it works out for you. Great Find ! Thanks for you continued efforts and diligent work ethic. You save us all a lot of time ( and headache ) :)

  • I definitely think that MS should allow templates to be sold in their store. They really need to do everything they can to increase their software ‘eco’ system.

    I don’t see this as being a significant revenue generator for MS, it still would generate more interest/traffic in people who build templates to sell them via the store.

  • It’s their way of pushing Office 365. They aren’t going to give up that push even though it doesn’t fit for everyone.

  • I agree with Jason, they are pushing Office 365. I don’t think they would convert it in a “store” but instead they are transitioning the old templates website into a new templates website that automatically open the free templates in PowerPoint online.

    Besides of this, I am wondering if this new store or gallery has the ability to open external URLs as a PowerPoint presentation. Anybody knows about it? (for now I could see there is a templateid parameter passed in the URL but nothing is documented about opening external files yet).



  • Excel Sales Invoice template worked well and looks professional. It’s nice to be able to get something of value for FREE.


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