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Vertex42 Small Business Tools

Vertex42 Business Tools

Over the years, I've created many different spreadsheets for various facets of business. The purpose of this post is to lay them all out on the table and list the related Vertex42 Blog articles (of which there currently are none).

Project Management

Invoicing / Billing

Employee Management / Payroll

HR, Operations, Secretarial

Finance and Accounting

Quality Control


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  • I am a wedding planner who is interested in giving my new brides a calendar that counts down to her wedding date. I would like to be able to hand this to her on our first consultation. No matter what her wedding date is next year I have been looking for a calendar that I can personalize then make her a list of things that should be done by a certain date and also countdown to her wedding date with a number on each day. Do you know where I might come up with something like that? Thank you for your response.

    • @Jane … Putting to-do lists on a calendar that looks like a typical wall calendar might not be very feasible, not because it couldn’t be done, but because there could be days where you needed to list maybe 15-20 things (perhaps as the date gets closer). Adding a count-down to a normal calendar would be a piece of cake, though. This is something I could create and put on my website. Please contact me at and send me other details or examples if you could. Normally, I’d request that you go through a consultant to have something created custom for you and only you. If I create something … it ends up on my site as a free download.


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